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Indexed Universal Life

Make life insurance an investment.

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What Is Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

We all know that life insurance is a must when choosing your insurance policies. Indexed Life Insurance, also referred to as IUL, is a type of life insurance that pays interest based on the movements of the stock market. IUL is considered a subset of universal life insurance; this means that policy holders can change payments and benefits as needed.

Benefits of Indexed Universal Life Insurance:

  •  Control over your death benefits and payments 
  •  Stock-market driven rates of return 

Why You Need Indexed Universal Life Insurance

When you look at the stock market and see it going up, it’s a little thrilling. If you are excited about the stock market and its movements, IUL may be the pick for you when choosing life insurance. Indexed Universal Life insurance is perfect for those who wish to get more out of life insurance and see it as an investment.